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Repairs & Service


With Günter Kleinmann, we have a professional guitar builder in the guitar workshop who takes care of all matters relating to acoustic guitars.

  • +49 7533 803658
  • info@kleinmannguitarbau.de

wind instruments

Musikhaus Ebert is in the fortunate position of having Franz Monschau on the team.

Franz Monschau has been building and repairing wind instruments with great enthusiasm for 50 years. Anyone who talks to him about his work quickly realizes that the enthusiasm for his job has not broken even after 50 years.

Now it suits our customers every Thursday at Musikhaus Ebert with help and advice.

If you have a wind instrument for repair or assessment, come by and benefit from one of the best services across borders.

At the age of 14, Franz Monschau began his apprenticeship as a brass instrument and drum maker at the Monke company in Cologne. After the journeyman's examination, he worked for another ten years for Josef Monke, who was famous for his concert trumpets. In 1980 he passed the master's examination there. He was the first to install Thayer valves as standard. This was just the beginning of many innovations in the trombone sector and from then on he built several hundred instruments for professional musicians worldwide.

The striving for perfection, his openness and the urge to always learn new things still characterize him today.

pianos and grand pianos

A total of 3 piano tuners/builders work on our pianos and grand pianos as well as looking after our customers:

Henry Koenigsmark

  • 0172 6306747

Christopher Weinert

  • +49 7531 17847
  • 0173 6622602

Hans-Peter Schmälzle

  • 00497731 7906191
  • 0176 8473 5176

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